Here's what our customers are saying about the Parshield® glare visor:

Just installed the shields on 75W outdoor flood lamps, the old incandescent type. Couldn't be easier and they look superb in appearance. To answer your questions —

1. I shopped online at the usual outlets, but surprised something like your product wasn't available.

2. I recollect I found you via Google search looking for "outdoor flood lamp bulb shield" or something like that.

3. I bought them for me, but only after I noticed somewhat had rotated one of the floods upwards into the eves. The wife noticed it a couple months ago and she thought I did it. I'm a little irate that apparently one of the neighbors did this without approaching us first. I'm a reasonable guy and would have taken care of it had I known it was bothering someone. We've lived here with this automatic motion light for 19 years, and prior to this no problems. But I get it, the problem of unintended light spray...Very pleased you offer this solution!!
Don C
The shields work perfectly and are very attractive. We purchased these for ourselves and we found them via searching on the web. Thanks for the prompt shipment.
Reston, VA
We have floodlights on the back corners of our house illuminating the back yard. We aim them down so they aren't a nuisance to our neighbors. However, the lights were blinding us whenever we'd sit in the enclosed back porch. We considered hiring an electrician to re-position the lights when one of us said, "I wonder if they make some type of shielded floodlight." Voila! Parshield to the rescue! We received them today, put them up in just a few minutes and they are the perfect answer to our problem. Thank you for providing such a fine product. You saved the day and saved us a bunch of money!
Joe & Linda, Florida
Received the lighting shields yesterday and they are better than what we expected to receive. They fit our current bulbs and plan to install them today. Thank you for such a great product which saved us from having to purchase new light fixtures. Also, these are better than what can be purchased through the big box stores because they provide more of a shield around the bulb which can then be focused in tight areas and prevent light stray.
Ann K. From Glendale, AZ
I placed the shields on my existing incandescent bulbs and they worked perfectly. My garage lights I use daily so I sprung for new LED bulbs and then placed your shields over these. There is no glare, only light where I need it. Thank you so much for providing such a practical product. I will certainly pass the word along here in my neighborhood. The stars are now shining even brighter.
Lewisville, NC
I recently bought a house and noticed our backyard flood lights blast the neighbors. I am an architect and am aware of light pollution issues, and I couldn't believe nobody made a shield to clip on the ubiquitous PAR floodlight.

I tried Home Depot - nothing. I was about to invent one myself...A bit of diligent Googling got me to your product.

Peter P.
In answer to your question on the packing slip, the shields look splendid and work great. Looks like a new light fixture. And no more dread of wind or roaming bunnies or whatever sets off that infernal light all through the night.

In answer to your questions below:
1. I did not check the retail stores because I knew it was hopeless.
2. I found the shields through the International Dark Sky Association site.
3. I bought them for the new receptive neighbors who bought the house that the previous and unreceptive neighbors had appended the spotlights to.

Many thanks for a darker night.
Diana L. Silver Springs MD
Just recently I ordered a pair of your Parshield Visors for floodlights on my home. They work great! Thanks for such a great product and such great service.
Sheryl S., Myrtle Beach, SC
I looked at Home Depot and Lowes and didn't really find any shields. My neighbor searched on Google and gave me the website. It is my side light that keeps them up since their bedroom window faces my side entrance door that has the light. Even though I bought them, it is really for my neighbors, if you know what I mean.
Raul S., Shaker Heights, OH
I have a small back yard that is has a 6' stockade fence surrounding it! Keeping it well lit, and keeping light under contol, as to not offend neighbors, was a big concern for me! As I was surfing around the web looking for new fixtures with shades, I ran across parshield. Thinking, hey, this might work! So I ordered them. I have to tell you they work just great, and are very easy to install. This is probably one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread!!! I want to tell all at parshield, that you have a real winner, with this product!! Word of mouth is good advertisment, and I will be spreading this one!
One satisfied customer...Bill Winters
We had 40-50 mph wind gusts today and my shields stayed on the bulbs just fine through it all!
Tim, NY
I'd just moved into my new home... in a nice, dark neighborhood. Apparently, my neighbors had motion sensor controlled flood lights that I'd not noticed previously. Construction took place (mostly) during the summer... and so it wasn't dark much of the time I was onsite... and when it was.. I'd not seen the lights. Imagine my surprise when I set up my telescope and the neighbors two blaring flood lights came on. They lit up the front half of their lot.. plus a good chunk of mine. My new dark sky home was already threatened. Fortunately, I'd met the neighbors several times during the construction process.. and new that the husband was an on-again/off-again astronomer. I invited him to come over and observe one night. While we were observing (the wind blew or something) his flood lights came on. He was a bit embarrassed... .but told me his wife was afraid at night when he traveled. I told him there was a simple fix for this.. the Parshield® glare visor.

I knew they'd reduce the amount of light that spilled into my yard, but never expected that they'd allow me to observe... with his lights on... and not even bother me. The Parshield® glare visors kept his lights shining down his driveway... and across his deck... without any coming across the property line. Fortunately, the lights are off most of the time, anyway.. but.. when they do come on.. their impact on any place but the target area has been all but eliminated. Thanks for creating such a great product! I bought mine from StarryNightLights: www.StarryNightLights.com
I just wanted to let you know that I gave my neighbor the shield. The result is amazing. Their light no longer shines in my bedroom window and it seems like it still lights the portion of their property that they wanted to. So, thank you!
I bought the shields to install on my own house although my neighbor could use one as well. I'm not sure how to approach him though. They do seem to do the job. Easy enough to install. I'll be spreading the word. There certainly is a huge potential market out there. Every house on my block has at least one PAR lamp.
Wayne L. Minneapolis, MN
The Parshield® glare visors came today - amazingly promptly - and are already installed. They are fantastic, and I was pleasantly surprised by how substantial they are. Thanks so much.
Emily R
Finally put up the shields you sent. Four floodlights and the light goes down. As it should be.
Bob C, Berwick,Me.
I put the shields on today and they will work just great. I will recommend them to others.
Mark S V
I found out about your product from one of the environmental newsletters I receive. I do not recall which one. It had an article about light pollution. I installed the lights. They are simple, elegant, and work well. I trust the paint and clips will last a long time.
Yuri R
They work quite well. On the one lamp that spills light into my neighbor's yard (not so bad) and onto a couple of his windows (bad), the shield now provides a nice cutoff near the property line. They seem to work well for properly mounted PAR lamps. Not as effective as a well designed new full-cutoff fixture would be, but they are much cheaper and easier to install.
Doug D., Cambridge, Mass.
Thanks for making these shields available. Just what I was looking for!
Ken S.
Thank you for the very speedy service. We are very happy to find that your visors have cut down the glare from our security light... our neighbor is not complaining anymore.
I installed the light (shields). They are simple, elegant, and work well.
I'm using the shields because our community is trying to contain light pollution.
Cheryl, Alexandria, VA


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There's a light turning on in the minds of local officials. And it's fully shielded. Light pollution is caused by outdoor, nighttime lighting, and especially by unshielded lights lit to excessive levels. Its three forms — sky glow, light trespass and glare — are making a growing imprint on the nighttime environment...

In sidebar: Parshield is a patented outdoor floodlight shield for reducing light trespass. It can be attached to existing PAR-38 floodlights and spotlights, commonly used by homeowners and small businesses. The Web site also has information about proper mounting, aiming and shielding.
Putting a shield on lighting, by Catherine L. Foley, THE PATENT TRADER (August 5, 2004)
Here are some examples of good quality security lights ... Well-controlled and properly-installed floodlights or spotlights, especially those with shielding like the Harder “PARShield,” which helps direct light where it's needed, and reduces useless light spill.
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